For Sale: My iPhone Homescreen

As I flipped through the apps on my iPhone the other day, I wondered “Why am I uninspired by my Apps? I’ve got the same ones on the homescreen for the past 6 months.”

Now I’m not really a guy that goes to the AppStore to browse for new apps — mostly I discover through friends or through social media or a blog article. We all can admit discovery sucks for Apps and advertising sucks for App makers.But as an app users, I’d love a reason to try apps and explore new ones. However, I believe I/we need urgency to make it work.

So, here’s what I would love for someone to do:

I want someone to pay me to secure an App spot on the home screen of my phone. Right up front. Each week, they get to update that App to a new app. I don’t care what it is, but when I update my Apps, I’d love to see a new one replace the one from last week.

You may have questions like ‘what if you don’t update’ or ‘what if you delete it?’ Totally fair, but that’s minutia. I’m curious how many other folks would sell a slot and check out the new app weekly?

I’m not sure if this is possible given the rules of Apple or Google/Android. Sounds like a perfect Startup Weekend project. Any mobile developers want to come to a Startup Weekend with me and build this — I’ve got a decent track record at these things?

My homescreen is for sale. Who wants a spot?

Home Screen For Sale


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