Being Awesomer

I was recently asked if I had any resolutions for 2013, which made me realize it’s almost 2013. Holy cow… where did 2011 go?

As I pondered what i wanted 2013 to be known for, I thought to myself, “I’d just like to be awesomer this year.” I’m going to judge that based on the number of times people say to me, ‘That was awesome.’ Hopefully they were referencing something I did rather than what’s on television, but I may count both because I was in the presence of something awesome.

So I decided to start writing my Svbtle blog with the goal of being awesomer. I’m not really sure what that means, how to measure it or if it matters, but I think it’s one thing in the journey of being awesomer. This is my first post of hopefully many. I make no promises, but Mr. Curtis has made something very cool here that deserves some words.

I’ll try and write with a dose of honesty, self-deprecation and curiosity. Right now I’m pretty curious about how to be a better entrepreneur, how this trend of the Peer Economy is evolving and what is the best route to take our pugs on around Georgetown for our nightly dog walks. If one of those suits your fancy, then we might be onto something in this quest of awesome.

If you want me to answer a question, have an idea you’ve wondered about or just want to strike up a conversation, I’d love for you to recommend me to write something here. That way I’ll be one step closer to being awesomer.

Here’s to my resolution of the rest of 2012… hope you find something that makes you smile or shake your head. Either way, that’s a win.


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